English Poetry

Independence Day

Independence & the day; as it was in 2013 & now in 2019 INDEPENDENCE DAY ….! Independence of the country & its citizens is Not to be regarded by elected leaders as authority & license (to) Do whatever greedy, unholy acts they want to indulge in nuisance (but) Entails a great responsibility on their part for all their deeds & actions Provides freedom & liberty to them to do ... »


world without peace life full of stresses No glow no happiness No attention only tension world without peace there only fighting is mention dishonesty, Injustice above all No believe only noice Shivraj, Its my voice world without peace Shivraj Khatik »

Let me

Let me take care of your life Let me feel pain of your heart let me hold you hand and take you away far from here to the fresh sunlight »


Not afraid of being judged, Nor my image being smudged. No fear of the talks that give me tear, Nor from the one that makes my heart wear. But petrified of being misunderstood, Once it happens my heart is not less than wood. That is being cut from the stoned words, This is the only fear in my eyes that lurks. »

You used to be mine

I was 12, when i first saw you with guitar, wind swaying your hair, that momoent you became my star. saw in the shade, smiling at me, i looked at you, i you waved at me. your eye, Is inspiring my emotions to tie, your smile, always gives me a suprise. when you are around me, my atmosphere is like a love ceremony, for me,your presence, is like a chandelier. whenever you sing, i forget everything, i... »

The Sound of Music

To hear the sound of music I sat in the lap of nature. Around me, there’s only greenery But not any big creature. With own music, the air was blowing And the sound of it, falling into my ears. Its touch was so soft and pleasing, And continuously passing through my hairs. Suddenly, with pitter-patter,the rain was started, And trees seemed like dancing. Its gentle drops on my face was falling,... »

Green leaf

Autumn comes, leaf falls Enter spring, new hope occurs Green leaf new life calls. »


हथेली पर सपनों की घड़ियाँ साकार नहीं। नदी के पार रेत के बडे़ टीले हवा नाचती। अशोक बाबू माहौर »


हथेली पर सपनों की घड़ियाँ साकार नहीं। नदी के पार रेत के बडे़ टीले हवा नाचती। »



Loving you endlessly broke my heart ruthlessly Little was I aware you were someone to beware Once my heart danced in joy now my heart bleeds in pain You were the centre of my universe and I was a speck in your universe Tell me O’ beloved Why inflicting pain on me when I was conflicting for you »

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