English Poetry

Lost Within…

  A bit separate, but close we are Stayed away, still not so far Laugh alone, even cried hard Being desperate, we stood apart Some thought we’ve fallen, Into a love of first sight We told, we raised either, Once when our heart, knocked from right A dream to spare, A gesture to share Together with you, I can relive My stubborn moments of despair Thus the moment is caught when we, Met lastly on... »

A Dusky Girl…

On her lips, she always carries A joyful gesture, a curvy thing She speaks less, listen more And veil, a lot more things within A dusky girl with her eyes awake, Looks more real and less fake, Sometime lost, well it is true Looks as if, she won’t have a clue Girls flaunts their beauty, She flaunts her innocence Girls seeks for sense of humor She presents her humorous sense. A nice human bein... »

When you hold my hand

When you hold my hand When your hairs spread over my face When your deep ecstatic eye see me My heart remain no longer with me When your lips touch my hand When you put your head on my shoulder When you whisper in my ear I feel I am where I should be I want to spend all my life with you But now you left me A long distance is between us When I realize this, I cry My feelings get condensed At this p... »

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