English Poetry

रंगीन सरोवर

जो लेके आओगे तू बाल्टी मैं भी रखूँगा सरोवर तैयार। रंगों से नहाएंगे साथ साथ यार।। »


राम कह लो या कह लो तू श्याम। जब तक मन शांत नहीं तेरा सुन वावरे ना हीं सुख ना हीं शांति ना हीं मिलेगा आराम।। »


वो मयस्सर नहीं हुए जिंदगी में तो हम मौत तक उनका इंतज़ार करते रहे।।। »

Amazing childhood

Amazing Childhood My amazing childhood Only play forget food little anger, little kind We play against wind Do not thik for done Done is done We do everything possible or Impossible Playing with Kite cycle ring Eat whatever available Maa call me “Eye Star And Bapu Call Moon Piece No friends away far Four Sweet shot in one rupee My amazing childhood shivraj khatik »

Oh dear lovely winter

Oh dear lovely winter why do you make us shiver we love you so much but it is now too much! »


निश्चित छोड़ अनिश्चित को धावे । मुट्ठी से निश्चित खोवे अनिश्चित हाथ न आवे । “विनयचंद “धैर्य बिना क्या पावे? »

घर: एक मंदिर

हे लक्ष्मी तुम कितनी चंचला हो? खुद भी नहीं ठहरती एक जगह पर और औरों को भी भटकाती। घर से दफ्तर जाकर भी भटके भर दिन गाँव नगरऔर इधरोधर फिर भी बाक बाण छेदे छाती। झल्ला के घर को आया बैठी थी दुर्गा दरवाजे आसन लगाकर शीश चूम मुख माथे सहलाती। आँगन में बैठी काली रूप आव भगत से दुखरे को लेती हर मधुर शब्द कह स्वरा बहलाती। मिल जाए नव तन मन “विनयचंद ” रे सब सुख बसे जहाँ पर वो दुनिया बस घर कहलाती। »

निरखत बाल मुकुंदा

काली कम्बली काँधे पर शोभित अरुण अधर अरुणाभ कपोल श्याम रंग मुखचंदा विनयचंद नित निरखत बाल मुकुंदा।। »


You are the guest, Just hold down n Rest, Do ur level best, N see what will happen next… Raahi anjana »


याद करना कभी तीस साल पहले क़ी सर्दियाँ बिस्तर से ना निकलने की कभी होती थी मार्जियाँ. याद करना कभी तीस साल पहले की सर्दियाँ स्कूल से छुट्टी मरने के लिए खूब लगाते थे अर्जियाँ. याद करना कभी तीस साल पहले की सर्दियाँ रजाई मे ही पड़े रहते और खूब खेलते थे पर्चियाँ. याद करना कभी तीस साल पहले की सर्दियाँ वो सुहाना मौसम अब कहाँ ना जाने अब कहाँ गई वो इतनी ठंडी सर्दियाँ. »


••• sometimes arrogance don’t need to be explained through words It maybe expressed through actions by the arrogant personalities however submissiveness always prevails over arrogant behavior so the one in possession of authorits needs to be submissive in actions too ••• ©deovrat 22.09.2019 »


••• name and fame of individuals doesn’t matter what simply matters understanding of self responsibilities clarity of actions commitment to deliver and act to perform ••• ©deovrat 21.09.2019 »


••• someone perception that relation can be grown through love and emotion no… none… they govern and depends upon individuals intention ••• ©deovrat 19.09.2019 »


धूप,आज कुछ, सरक आयी, मेरे आंगन में…. और, बिखेर गई, मुठ्ठी भर अबीर…… …. कविता मालपानी »


*** no autocratic leadership can survive for a longer time. in a democratic setup every citizen is having equal rights and responsibilities. autocratic behaviour of individuals is not acceptable, whether he is elected or selected or a common civilian. *** ©deovrat 17.09.2019 »



••• only a small poisonous drop of misunderstandings and egoism may lead within a jiffy split second into perishable circumstance to a delicate tree of beautiful healthy relationship which was grown up in the past years by nurturing with the nectar-like water of mutual belief love and affection ••• ©deovrat 04.08.2019 »


सालो से भीख मांगती भिखारन सोचती मेरे नसीब मे ये ही सही. पेट की ना सही पर दिल की आवाज़ सुनी तो सही. भिखारन कहकर सालो तक दुत्कारा आज कलाकार कहकर पुकार तो d सही. »

Independence Day

Independence & the day; as it was in 2013 & now in 2019 INDEPENDENCE DAY ….! Independence of the country & its citizens is Not to be regarded by elected leaders as authority & license (to) Do whatever greedy, unholy acts they want to indulge in nuisance (but) Entails a great responsibility on their part for all their deeds & actions Provides freedom & liberty to them to do ... »


world without peace life full of stresses No glow no happiness No attention only tension world without peace there only fighting is mention dishonesty, Injustice above all No believe only noice Shivraj, Its my voice world without peace Shivraj Khatik »

Let me

Let me take care of your life Let me feel pain of your heart let me hold you hand and take you away far from here to the fresh sunlight »


Not afraid of being judged, Nor my image being smudged. No fear of the talks that give me tear, Nor from the one that makes my heart wear. But petrified of being misunderstood, Once it happens my heart is not less than wood. That is being cut from the stoned words, This is the only fear in my eyes that lurks. »

You used to be mine

I was 12, when i first saw you with guitar, wind swaying your hair, that momoent you became my star. saw in the shade, smiling at me, i looked at you, i you waved at me. your eye, Is inspiring my emotions to tie, your smile, always gives me a suprise. when you are around me, my atmosphere is like a love ceremony, for me,your presence, is like a chandelier. whenever you sing, i forget everything, i... »

The Sound of Music

To hear the sound of music I sat in the lap of nature. Around me, there’s only greenery But not any big creature. With own music, the air was blowing And the sound of it, falling into my ears. Its touch was so soft and pleasing, And continuously passing through my hairs. Suddenly, with pitter-patter,the rain was started, And trees seemed like dancing. Its gentle drops on my face was falling,... »

Green leaf

Autumn comes, leaf falls Enter spring, new hope occurs Green leaf new life calls. »


हथेली पर सपनों की घड़ियाँ साकार नहीं। नदी के पार रेत के बडे़ टीले हवा नाचती। अशोक बाबू माहौर »


हथेली पर सपनों की घड़ियाँ साकार नहीं। नदी के पार रेत के बडे़ टीले हवा नाचती। »



Loving you endlessly broke my heart ruthlessly Little was I aware you were someone to beware Once my heart danced in joy now my heart bleeds in pain You were the centre of my universe and I was a speck in your universe Tell me O’ beloved Why inflicting pain on me when I was conflicting for you »


No matter what you do , not even how you do . Life always has a clue , to let your sky blue. All matters are the days ,when soul and mind says . To burn the life thine, and let the world shine . Day night you may frown ,life always has a crown. Questing for you king ,and let your lark sing Get up! dear friend ,and let this gloom end . You have a dawn ahead, before you go to bed. »

To get the altitude

To get the altitude, Its vital to leave the attitude, To get rid off Solitude, Its vital to be with multitude, To get the gratitude, Its vital to have fortitude, To get the amplitude Its vital to have rectitude. »

Looking back in times

Looking back in times, When you and me were lonely in the moonlight, Time has passed by, I wait for those times tonight Looking back in times When I was driving you town You flipped your hair and looked down I was just spellbound oh baby missing u tonight. Looking back in times, there were so many memories deep down my heart, Ohh baby missing u tonight. »

एक शहर मे तीन मित्र

एक शहर मे तीन मित्र रहते थे,तीनो मे बहुत गहरा मित्रता थी, एक का नाम गौरव जो शांत-सोभाव के थे उनको गीत गाना गुनगुना कविता लिखने का इश्क चहरा हुआ था,, दुसरा मित्र सौऱभ जो पेशा से शिक्षक थे इन्हे दुनिया दारी से कोई मतलब नही रहती,, तीसरा मित्र प्रसांत ,, जो थोड़ा हटके थे इन्हे नशा के साथ लड़की के पीछे भागना दौड़ना इन्हे लगा रहता,, दोनो मित्र यानि गौरव और सौरभ लाख समझाये भला कोई इस उम्र मे समझता है,, व... »


A small hole can Sink a lofty boat in water, But a smart idea can float u on water…. Rahi »


Diamond can only reflect on a face of women but can’t change anything but Time has the power to convert an unknown stone into a precious diamond.. Raahi »

Perfect proposal

Lost in the perfect scent She was sitting a little bent He held her hands Her heart begun to dance They stared each other for a while She took him to walk for a mile And then besides the beach Where noone could reach She bent and proposed him With a beautiful wedding ring….. »

अच्छे दिन…!

अच्छे दिन…! अच्छे लोग तो खुश हो ही रहे हैं अच्छे दिनों से ..!. आशा बहुत अच्छा जो हो रहा है और भी होगा…! बुरे लोगों के बुरे दिन आये हैं बरबादी के …! ना सुधरेंगे फंसे हुए जो हैं ये घूस लेकर …! सजा मिलेगी लूटा देश जिन्होंने उन्हें जरूर ..! देश भक्ति के दिन अब आये हैं खुशहाली के ..! ” विश्वनंद” An attempt at Haiku in Hindi (5,7,5). »

“You are my life, You complete me”….

Don’t go……Don’t go……Don’t go Please stop yourself without you i am not complete i will destroy myself there is no meaning of life if you are not with me it is humble request don’t let me alone in the world only you are……just you are my first & last wish of my life i will never hurt you and never tired you too i will always take care o... »

Reason of failure…….

“Sometimes the reason of failure is not a attention, infact it might be consideration too””……! -Dev Kumar »


“Love is nothing, just a emotion or feelings of Heart……! -Dev Kumar »


“Age is nothing just a game of number”…….! -Dev Kumar »

Fact of love……

Some people say to me after seeing my condition that You are poor and due to it you are not able to do love How can I teach them they don’t know one thing That love is the fact of heart not the fact of human’s condition……!! -Dev Kumar »


Whenever I think about the Love Then many questions around in my mind What is the real value of love for human And what is the real meaning of love…….!! -Dev Kumar »

Love v/s Life……

Some people say that love is their life Some people say that life is their love Difference between above two is that Former think that love is precious Later think that life is precious….!! -Dev Kumar »

Love’s dealing…..

Love is not the question of human’s life It is the matter of love’s feeling We take happiness and sadness both by it Since it keeps on happening in love’s dealing…….!! -Dev Kumar »

Don’t show your…….

Don’t show your tears to everyone Don’t show your feelings to everyone They will make fun with your life Don’t show your emotions to everyone……!! -Dev Kumar »

Heart’s Role…….

My life is nothing except a big whole It has neither any aim nor any goel Nobody is responsible for this condition It is totally happened by my heart’s role….. -Dev Kumar »

Part of my life……

Don’t take my sadness from my life It is the only way to live my life Now I can’t live without it Since it becomes the essential part of my life….. -Dev Kumar »

I have found…….

I have found deceiveness in my life I have found aloneness in my life I couldn’t find happiness movement I have found only sadness in my life…… -Dev Kumar »

Past life……

Whenever I think about my past life Lots of questions around in my mind I am not able to find Solution about it Perhaps my life is like a blizzard wind…… -Dev Kumar »

who’ll make my day……

who’ll make my day who’ll huge me Now you was there in my life it was similar to heaven for Me….! who’ll make smile on my face who’ll give me a hope you was there in my life it was similar to heaven for Me….! -Dev Kumar »

I will hurt you…..

I will hurt you, this sentence hurt me a lot……!! -Dev Kumar »

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