English Poetry


••• sometimes arrogance don’t need to be explained through words It maybe expressed through actions by the arrogant personalities however submissiveness always prevails over arrogant behavior so the one in possession of authorits needs to be submissive in actions too ••• ©deovrat 22.09.2019 »


••• name and fame of individuals doesn’t matter what simply matters understanding of self responsibilities clarity of actions commitment to deliver and act to perform ••• ©deovrat 21.09.2019 »


••• someone perception that relation can be grown through love and emotion no… none… they govern and depends upon individuals intention ••• ©deovrat 19.09.2019 »


धूप,आज कुछ, सरक आयी, मेरे आंगन में…. और, बिखेर गई, मुठ्ठी भर अबीर…… …. कविता मालपानी »


*** no autocratic leadership can survive for a longer time. in a democratic setup every citizen is having equal rights and responsibilities. autocratic behaviour of individuals is not acceptable, whether he is elected or selected or a common civilian. *** ©deovrat 17.09.2019 »



••• only a small poisonous drop of misunderstandings and egoism may lead within a jiffy split second into perishable circumstance to a delicate tree of beautiful healthy relationship which was grown up in the past years by nurturing with the nectar-like water of mutual belief love and affection ••• ©deovrat 04.08.2019 »


सालो से भीख मांगती भिखारन सोचती मेरे नसीब मे ये ही सही. पेट की ना सही पर दिल की आवाज़ सुनी तो सही. भिखारन कहकर सालो तक दुत्कारा आज कलाकार कहकर पुकार तो d सही. »

Independence Day

Independence & the day; as it was in 2013 & now in 2019 INDEPENDENCE DAY ….! Independence of the country & its citizens is Not to be regarded by elected leaders as authority & license (to) Do whatever greedy, unholy acts they want to indulge in nuisance (but) Entails a great responsibility on their part for all their deeds & actions Provides freedom & liberty to them to do ... »


world without peace life full of stresses No glow no happiness No attention only tension world without peace there only fighting is mention dishonesty, Injustice above all No believe only noice Shivraj, Its my voice world without peace Shivraj Khatik »

Let me

Let me take care of your life Let me feel pain of your heart let me hold you hand and take you away far from here to the fresh sunlight »

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