Am I too early or am I too late?

Am I too early or am I too late?
For I see nobody around
Wandering in the midst of an empty world,
like a lost soul.
No face to see, no sound to hear,
Myself is what I need to fear.

Don’t know whether the world’s fast or me slow,
But somehow I missed the flow
I should have taken a leap,
For now I have only to weep.

What if I had taken the leap,
And reached far beyond than I could keep,
With the world behind
And me on the top of the pine.

Now I feel, Am I too early or too late?
For there was no reason I could wait.
Time keeps going so did I.
But can’t see anyone; don’t know why?

No people around and me with the crown,
that’s the only thing that makes me frown.
Where are the people I know?
And the ones with whom I grow,
I want to go back to them
And walk my life with fame

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  1. review – I find the poetry uses a plain repetition tone in each line, though they work magic in many, but here they tend to seem like being used as a force, not a natural existence. the poem though has a vivid idea of the dilemma and confused instances of life that many humans face. At a point, it might even give the reader a feel of THE ROAD NOT TAKEN BY ROBERT FROST.
    But nevertheless, the poem lacks an identity, a force that makes one go beyond what simply these words have to offer. that being said still the poem gives a hint of what might be lingering within the writer and gives an impression to the reader of a state of life (which is a plus point). A depiction of your understanding of yourself is always taken as a first step in poetry.


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