Ashutosh Upadhye, Author at Saavan's Posts

The Candle and The Moth

What an intriguing relationship they share: the candle and the moth They’re strangers in arid daylight They’re companions when darkness is all in the sight Love is bewildering they say, love is splintering they say It is enigmatic and obvious, it is obscure and pure The submission is so sacred, driven by the appetite for love Off goes the moth, guided by the warmth of love and flames of wrath The ... »

The Brave Hearted

The droplets invading privacy, the drops invading silence; The peacocks invading sight, the frogs showing might; All was in vain! None was successful! She, with nullity in her eyes, kept staring at a point. The mind was thoughtful tho! After all, this was her favorite season. Yes, it WAS! She lost interest in life itself, as she’d  heard that he died! ‘Died’, that would be too understated! Fierce ... »