The Brave Hearted

The droplets invading privacy, the drops invading silence;
The peacocks invading sight, the frogs showing might;
All was in vain! None was successful!
She, with nullity in her eyes, kept staring at a point.
The mind was thoughtful tho! After all, this was her favorite season.

Yes, it WAS! She lost interest in life itself, as she’d  heard that he died!
‘Died’, that would be too understated!
Fierce courage, infinite strength; he indeed was invincible!

Mothers of martyrs don’t cry, they say, she cried neither;
But everyday, every hour, every second she; she died!
This was not the first time after all, she had seen her husband die too!

Why is God so blunt, does he have a heart of stone?
At least that’s what she thought until, his corpse was brought.
Her son was brought wrapped in a Tricolour!
Wallah! She screamed and started to laugh, yes that’s right, she didn’t cry!

Then an unexpected silence and then the wrinkled smile with tears rolling down her cheeks.
She indeed was happy!

The words which followed a sweet chuckle:
I was upset the first time; maybe that’s why you’ve put me to test again;
but this time, I’m proud; proud of myself, proud of my womb, proud of my son.

And then, she wiped her tears first then her daughter-in-law’s and said these magical words in ears of her grandson:
You’ll do what they did, won’t you? History was being repeated!

She hugged him; with a wrinkled smile adorning her face! Her eyes were shedding tears! She indeed was happy!

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