Good and Bad, Go Hand in Hand

All good things’ is what we desire,
But we tend to forget that the bad comes prior.
Everyone wants happiness, no-one wants pain.
But would a rainbow ever show up, without a little rain?

Delight and dismay, always come in sync,
Mindfully if you perceive, they always form a link.
There is no point of joy, without a little suffering,
For after every fall, comes the season of spring.

When life tries to bring you down,
And you urge to give up,
Remember who you really are,
Wipe you face and get up!

You are a warrior darling,
Immensely mighty and obstinate.
Don’t dwell on what life holds in front,
Because you alone,are the creator of your fate.

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  1. The poet explains how humans are always looking for the good side of life and forget to accept its bad side. Humans are only focussing on the beauty of life while ignoring the worst part of life. Both joy and sorrow are part of our life. After every joy, there will be sorrow and after every sorrow there is happiness. We can’t expect life to be always full of contentment until we accept its bitter side


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