Just an average girl,
Cheerful and have a big bright smile,
But she hides hundreds of things which u never saw beside her big bright smile,
She screamed and cried but never let down that big bright smile,
She has scars of battle that she never wanted to fight,
She is sad and cried every night,
She thought she is a curse and don’t want to be alive,
Her mind was messed up but she still has that big bright smile,
Everyone thought she was fine but she was not fine ……she was already dead inside,
One day she stood in front of the mirror with that big bright smile,
She said I’M FINE and then disappeared from everyone’s life,
She faded away with that big bright smile,

Have you ever thought, how she fooled you with her big bright smile!!

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  1. Your poem is really good. You have written on something we all choose at times. However, I didn’t expect her disappearance in the end. Overall, your poem was good.

  2. Wow! This was such a heart wrenching piece. The thought of the girl smiling despite going through hell is riveting. This piece shines light on the fact that women are expected to smile even through pain which is so heart breaking. My heart goes out to all the women going through a similar situation. Hope everyone understands that it is not always easy to smile.

  3. Your poem not only captivated my mind but it also touched my soul, my heart and the entire part of my body. We all go through ups and downs in our life, but the ones who hold back their pain, tears, anxiety, depression behind their big smiles are the strongest ones and deserves the award of bravery. The girl in the poem never gave up her smile and faces all the obstacles of life . I appreciate her in the poem and your poem is so heart-wrenching.


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