I know you’ve waited long enough
Yet those scars remain inked.
That child inside has acted tough
I suppose, she’s still unhinged.

Unhinged from the reality
Which she tries to escape.
Unhinged from thyself
Which lies dead beneath drapes.

Drapes darker than her mind,
A beautiful soul intertwined,
Intertwined to her corpse and mind,
“I know you’re there my friend”, I cried.

Cries of hope and cries of help
Cries which echoes in the gardens of mess.

Look in the mirror
And seek inside
There stands a reflection of hope
Sadly a weapon undermined

Cries of humanity cries of need
Cries attended by hope in deed

Hold your heart and let it beat.
You will fall but rise like a beast.
More than light and much more than dark,
I promise you my dear,
You’re a hurricane with lightening and spark.

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  1. The beautifully written poem takes us through the heart of a little child(girl), she is surrounded by bad times and constraints but does not lose hope for a better tomorrow.
    The poem starts with the author telling the child inside that it is not dead, though its cries for help have been unheard and the scars are still fresh.
    The child imagines a world away from reality to escape the dark reality of its existence but is unable to escape from the dead and dark reality.
    The author calls out to the little child and reminds that it is connected to a body and soul and is alive.
    The cries of help from the child echo in the gardens of mess but are left unheard by the people around the author. The child is reminded of its existence again and is requested to look for the reflection in the mirror to realise it still exists and the fire that burns within is not yet dead. The glimmering hope is compared to an undermined weapon.
    The cries of the child go unheard but the author reminds the child again that it is alive and can feel the heart beat. The heart that beats like that of a beast, loud and clear. The author is trying to add a new strength to her inner child by reminding herself that she is a hurricane with lightning and spark. She is yet to thunder and light up the world.

  2. This magnificently written poem ‘hope’ talks about how the poet talks to her inner child, who has been through hard times and has lost hope for better circumstances of life.
    The poet here also uses metaphorical concepts of ‘drapes’ which somehow beautifies the poem . The poet also all’s about how she is in delusion imagining a false environment and living in her head as the reality is too hard to accept
    Towards the end, the poet gives strength to her inner child by reminding her of the beast like power and courage that lies within. She finally in the closing lines compare herself with the hurricane with lighting and spark . That even if she is a hurricane , the light and spark lies within her only .

  3. The poem ‘HOPE’ by Hritika Raj revolves around a heart to heart conversation a women is having with her younger self, a small girl who still lives in her heart. In the first para the poet beautifully talks about how the little girl have survived years of struggle, pain and how her little heart still carries the pain as if they were inked to her soul. Next the poet admires and praises herself for acting strong and tough through all this time but she knows how even now the little girl is still disturbed as is signified by ‘i suppose’.
    In the next paragraph the poet tries to explain how the little girl still carries the past burden disturbed by the hardships and time gone by and is keeping herself away from the reality that is today which she tries to escape. The word Drapes is a symbol of her inner strength and peace beneath which lies dead her unhinged( disturbed) self and her past.
    In the next paragraph the poet again uses the word Drapes but with a different meaning this time. Here the author tries to tell her inner child that these Drapes of hopelessness, pain and fear may look darker than the power of her strong mind and her soul is twisted but its intertwined to both her corpse and her mind, one is evil(corpse) that symbolizes darkness, pain, hopelessness but other(her mind0 one is strong, lively, powerful and full of hope and light. And the poet assures the small girl that she knows that beneath all the dark and behind all walls of hopelessness she still can sense her presence and existence. the poet cries in pain, in love for the little girl inside.
    In the fourth para the poet signifies how the little girl still cries in hope and for help that her cries echoes in the garden of mess that is symbolic of chaotic world full of noise and people where the author can still hear the little girl cry for her.
    Next the poet tells herself to look into her heart that is her mirror and search deep to clutch the strands of hope that lies in her heart, a courageous weapon whose power and might is undermined and undervalued. Restoring the faith and confidence she tells her own self to believe in her heart that is her power and let it beat faster , let her power(the warrior inside) takeover the dark. she assures how she will only fall a few times fighting this battle against her fears but will surely emerge out victorious like a warrior. In the last paragraph she promises the little girl that she is a storm a hurricane with lightning and spark which is more powerful than both the light and dark

  4. Hopeful…you have expressed your feelings in a way that readers could feel it. I liked how you started the second and third paragraph which the same word that you ended in previous one. Good work.

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