Mystic Hooves and the Moonlight

In domains where dreams and magic blend,
A saga of love forms to transcend.
A horse, dignified and strong of grace,
Met a unicorn, with a radiant embrace.

Their gazes met, and a spark seized flight,
In a realm where day turns into night.
A bond of love, both rare and true,
A horse and unicorn, hearts anew.

With flowing furs and spirits aflame,
They hoofed beneath the moon’s gentle frame.
In the meadow fair, where flowers bloom,
Their love blossomed, dispelling gloom.

The horse, grounded and sturdy in stride,
The unicorn, ethereal, by its side.
Together they wandered, through domains untamed,
A love unbridled, forever unnamed.

The horse, a symbol of strength and might,
The unicorn, a beacon of pure light.
Their contrasts merged, in flawless harmony,
A love that outshines mere fantasy.

Through ravines deep and mountains high,
Their love took off, painting the sky.
Their hooves on earth, their spirits in flight,
They danced beneath the stars, shining bright.

With every whiff, magic is unveiled,
In their love’s tapestry, no detail derailed.
A horse and unicorn, their hearts as one,
A bond is eternal, never undone.

For love knows no boundaries, nor any bounds,
In this saga of the horse and unicorn, love resounds.
In domains where dreams and magic intertwine,
Their love, forever immortalized, a tale divine.

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