Never thought

Never thought someone who claims to love me will kill me this much brutal lly
Never thought that the world description which God gave me was just utopian
Never thought my fellow mates will be the one setting standard beauty
Never thought I would hate myself to a level to leave this beautiful life
Never thought that the expectation and interference of people in your life is to always make you utopian things which just not exist
Never thought that knowing the reality also then also you are not ready to accept yourself
Never thought that world only revolves around you and the people which make you feel yourself
Never thought that loving myself would be so difficult ….

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  1. Hello Chirali, your work is truly heartfelt.
    However you could correct a few things like: “this much brutally” should be replaced by “this brutally”
    “world description” can be replaced by how god described the world. Incorporate similar suggestions wrt other lines as well.
    Keep writing!


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