“Stellar Serenade: A Love Beyond Time”

If I could wish upon the stars above,
I’d choose to stay forever cherished in your embrace,
To heal my wounds with your endless love,
And together, find eternity’s grace.

You are my angel, a treasure so rare,
Revealing a love I never knew,
You wiped out my troubles with every care,
With your touch, I felt adored and true.

In your eyes, my Universe unfolds,
A smile from you, pure bliss,
Each glance, a tale that never grows old,
Being by your side, my heart can’t resist.

If stars were memories, innumerable and bright,
I’d spend forever recounting each one,
Reliving those moments that took flight,
In your presence, where my heart had won.

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  1. What is love, if it does not make you want to eternalize its beauty and cherish it till the very end? The poet captures this humane urge to hold on to the “endless love”, using powerful astronomical metaphors. With its poignant use of cosmic imagery, rhythm and lyricism, the poem speaks of a lover, and of a “tale that never gets old”.

    Throughout the poem, the timelessness of love is represented. As the title of the poem itself implies, the emotion of love defies bounds of time. The poet also acknowledges the healing power of love as she masterfully reveals how love has healed wounds, wiped out troubles, and helped to find “eternity’s grace”.

    The ultimate paragraph is especially remarkable. It brings out the palpable nostalgia of memories. As much as the poet treasures the person she loves, it is her treasured memories that represent the person. An extraordinary comparison between memories and uncountable and luminous stars in the sky is made. The poet is willing to relive and recount each of them, however long it takes.

  2. This poem is not only structurally sound, with the classic usage of the ABAB rhyming scheme, but also the usage of certain words, and the wording of certain phrases and lines are impeccable.
    Some of those phrases are “to find eternity’s grace”, and the entirety of the last stanza. It paints a very vivid portrait of how in love, hearts end up being victorious and memories eternal. Overall, an excellent piece of work. Kudos.

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