The Dawn

From the aurora over the silky Skyline
There began the ending of the riverine
Of the perennial pungency everlasting
In the still haze,the vivid venus shinning

I held hands with the deity of the dawn
Firm yet fragile still the arm of the acacia
Nourished in green; the dead star reborn
Doused in lavender’s lousy; divine nausea

As I travelled the trivial paths of the land
Side by side with the queen of the quants
In awe of the wise divisions, I barely stand
In the reflection of the blues; I held her hands

Oblivious of the worldly rules I measured
The heights of the ecstacies to the record
Among the grass and beyond the woods
I reflected the unsung wonders of the rood

As the sun shone bright in the lousy light
I see the lustre of the ambient gloomy eyes
Carousing the joy of the sight; bloomed fire
Of the eternal misery, ressurected in smile

Tangled to the hairs of hers, dewed with love
Caressing numb petals of roses I quenched
The immortal thirst of compassion and care
As I reached to the cavalry of the glamour

At the top of the cliff, up above the paths of
The fastidious functions of day to day lowlifes
I witnessed the miracle of the meticulous merit
Gazing deep down the upturned hazy sunshine.

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