The Rivers of Nyx

In the dead of night,
With the icy wind blowing in
To the depths of hollow within,
Carrying with it the chirps of silence.
It is then you let your feelings drift,
You let out the rivers,
Rivers of pain and dread,
That have been hiding behind that beautiful smile.
It is then you feel your demons,
Eating away at the remnants of your shattered soul.
You remind the pieces left of you
That you do not belong,
Not in life nor in death,
That You are a glitch that needs to disappear
And wishing upon a falling star,
That you do indeed breathe your last.
You lay there in the stillness,
Letting your own thoughts kill you,
Covering your mouth with your hand to
Hide your agonising pain,
And stifle your shrieks of carnage,
To ensure the tranquility of
The deafening cold night wind.

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