As a little girl, I was learning to be proud and strong,
Growing up to a perfect someone who does no wrong.
Head filled with dreams and desires and dreamscapes,
Yet knowing not where I belong.
Hopes, aspirations, illusions and delusions,
All dazzled up… like castles in Spain!

Time flew away,
Turning hours into days, days into months, and
months into years.
Transferring moments to memories and dreams to goals
Reminiscing which, seems to be a beautiful past;

And, characterising the other, a blurred vision.
Nonetheless, thinking it aloud
With heartfelt confidence, with profound ecstasy, with endless enthusiasm, and Keeping the child inside alive; I shall explore and strive towards
The goals, the aspirations, the ambitions
Those were once…. nothing but a daydream in the eyes of that little being!

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मुझे याद रहा,  तुम भूल गए  कहने को दो दिल चार आँखे हम, थी एक रूह में बस्ती जान हमारी कहने को दिया और बाती हम, थी बस लौ ही पहचान हमारी   मदमस्त हवाओं के झोंकों से, थे लहराते गाते जज़्बात हमारे, उतार सजाया आस्मानो में, थे सपने जो जनमें पलकों तले हमारे   कुछ यूँ खाईं थी क़समें हमने, हर हाल में प्यार निभाएँगे मिल पाए तो ज़िन्दा हैं, ना मिल पाए तो यादों में निभाएँगे   हुए गर तन से ज़ुदा तो क्या, ज़ुदा ना मन से कभी हो पाएँगे गर साँसें छोड़ जाएँ साथ तो क्या, जन्मो का साथ निभाएँगे   बरसों से हम उसी मोड़ पे अटके, राह जहां से तुम बदल गए मोहब्बत को नए मायने दे कर,…


  1. REVIEW: This poetry has so much more potential. Simply said, this concept of transience and time is something that every single human on this earth can connect to, as seen via Priyanka’s portrayal. Without time passing, we would be considered to be simply objects, still, and stuck in a moment, while with time passing, there is the fear of a change and an eventual end. This is a personal interpretation on the fleeting nature of time. This poem has a good premise, but I think it would have been much more beautiful if it didn’t try to forcefully rhyme and had better word selection and placement.

    1. Thank you, Anousha. Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it. But, this is an old one written by me 2 years ago. I was naive then. Yet, now. Would work on the suggestion. 🙂


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