A letter to the perfectionist

To that little kid, the perfectionist
I want to ask ,why are you struggling?
You might not always be able to prove your worth
But atleast you are trying.

Remember those blissful days when your armour used to be all shiny and new
Those very people who showered you praises ,
Now look at you in vain and ask “What happened to you”.

Your parents who used to sing countless songs about their worthy daughter
So capable and strong
Now look for ways to hide from the common eyes
And sit in a solitary corner thinking what went wrong

They will never know and neither do you
Maybe its just a stage of growing up or a phase
you need to pass through

All you know is that you still dive as deep as then
And try to defend their honor and name
While your shoulders sag defeatedly in shame

But there will again come a time
When the flag of your victory will surely rise
And then you will look back upon them with a smile
Thinking, they will never know that gleeful days come with a heavy price.

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