But The Fate…

Once upon a time there were two destined lovers, but there fate never let them met.

They still care for each other, still try to talk to each other.

But the times for them were not always right.

They cried in the end. But the boy didn’t care.

He was the bad guy.

They suffered a lot in the end.

But never did they show.

The boy died many times.

He left the girl alone.

And she was the true face of life.

But the boy left the girl.

For he could not face, that what he has done.

He lived an alone life, even after having everything in life.

But he lost his trust and love on her.

And the girl, she, I don’t know maybe remembers him sometime.

The boy made that girl cried many times.

Made her, into a sad face.

Once upon a time, they lived.

But the fate…lever let them met.


And the end is still lingering over their fate?

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