Dead man rising

A child asks her father one Sunday morning, daddy when will you die?

The father looks puzzled, but says very calmly, when I RISE.

Given an inch of time we waste spending our lives wondering why a question is raised, do you hear them rise?

A mother giving her children dead pills. Telling them this is how you live breathing, by dying, do they rise?

8 children go to school in Africa, but they carry 8 busses on each of their shoulders. They can’t speak, only fear, do they rise.

How about a child, wondering a wayward hope, of herdaddy dying in ONE day, does she have hope?

Giving time well spent, cracking bones, do good things come. Do they rise? Do you hear them rising?

No!! But even so, every family taketh life when it is breathed, every family wonders why, every bullied wonders why, why life’s crushed joys,like the soda.

Why dreams meantfor a moment. Why death for eternity. Why why why.


Joy comes…



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