We dream whole night, we dream all day long,

In the dream we dance or we sing a merry song.

In the dream we play, in the dream We fight,

Everything messes up, then everything becomes alright.

In the dream, we’re almighty, we’ve got no fear,

But the curtain of reality is always sheer.

We have plenty of dreams, but we accomplish very few,

because we are was always afraid, Lest the dreams come true.

When the dreams become so blurred, bizarre,

And the destiny seems so small, yet so far…

When We find ourselves behind the bars,

And we blame it all, to the unlucky stars.

We fear our own dark shadow, chasing us in the night,

But remember shadow is there only when there’s a light.

So build up your strengths and give up your fears,

And dream on till you succeed, in bringing all the cheers.

Then the dream and reality will be so blended in,

That the line between the two will become very thin.

Just a little push, and you’ll cross the line,

After the dark hours, there will be sunshine.

Just rock the night and seize the day,

And live your dreams, as happily, as you may… 🙂

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