Entry #7: Help The Doctors

**Thank You Precious Father God, for relieving my pain today,
Because it seems here lately, it never gives me a break.
I want to be able to enjoy my life, without hurting in every way,
It just feels like I’m in this nightmare, from which I cannot wake.

**Though having this condition Lord, it gets rougher as You can tell,
Uncertain of how it began, or how it came to be.
But it’s easier for me to tolerate when my extremities begin to swell,
It’s all the painful electric shocks, that’s been the toughest for me.

**So I will continue to pray for the future, that the doctors might find a cure,
Especially for those just beginning, this evil and torturing curse.
Father I ask You to help the doctors find it, because it’s very painful to endure,
Help them find the answer Lord, as to why this condition keeps getting worse.

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