My eyes are so tired, they are so deprived of dopamine and cannot stop the tears,
My heartbeat is so hyperventilating that I cannot breathe,
I have never faced a flood like this before I was drowning whole year, nobody comes to save me and I let it go
give up and starts drowning by myself in the hope that death will meet me at least if life forgets to,
Broken flowers, crushed petals, autumn leaves,
A balloon tied to the hand of a poor child who wants to behold it but selling it because fate told it so,
What is the guilt of the child that he was born poor or his childhood supposed to be not only poor but so lonely that no company will follow the balloon beside him, instead the company of the balloon leaves him too,
Then suddenly a foot was taken, the door was open and I was ready to soak the sunlight, the broken wings that sighed got removed and rebirth as life,
You have to die before you live,
And, I was entirely cursed, crusted, beaten with rage, abandonment, hope, disappointment,
But, the fable does change with time.

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  1. ‘Fable’ is a short poem slightly based on imagination and correlating to one’s life wrote by poet ‘Switi’.

    The title of the poem sounds simple and interesting. It’s the perfect word to summarize the poem in a word. I appreciate the title because as a reader when you hear the title of poem it should make you curious and excited to look through the poem. This is what I felt at first glance.

    Further more, the language and vocabulary used in this poem was excellent. It was directly to the point and catching eye of everyone effortlessly. The best part about the vocabulary used in this poem is that it really makes a reader connect with life and feel the struggles that are often ignored by the society. “nobody comes to save me and I let it go
    give up and starts drowning by myself in the hope that death will meet me at least if life forgets to” This line is extremely impressive and heart touching because as a reader I felt as if I am watching a mirror showing me the reality of life. All of us at some point in our life feel this kind of pain and hopeless situation when it feels like the bright sun rays are no more alive to save us from the darkness of evil.

    As a reader one thing made me slightly disappointed which is the structure of the poem. The structure and the way it is presented can be better and well organized. For example, the flow of the sentences, grammatical presentation of sentences, etc could have been better. At first glance , a reader might unfortunately find this presentation chaotic.

    Overall, this is a great poem considering the outstanding articulation, unique vocabulary, appealing tone and the relevance of the scenerio presented. However if the presentation and structure could have been then it would have been like cherry on the Cake. Thus, I would like to rate this amazing poem as 4/5.


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