What’s done in the dark always comes to the light
All the sad cries and lies in disguise
Nothing is ever alright it’s always some kind of big fight
Everyones going through something which might feel like nothing but soon nothing feels like something
And then they’re looking for someone to blame
Blame for the awful shame that has became of them
Doubts , insecurities , confusion , frustration , and depression
All lies within the mind of a girl
A girl who has felt nothing but pain and hate

A girl that tries to hide the whimpering behind a fake smile
A girl who has never known what real love felt like
A girl who doubts if she will make it in this life
It’s just never been right but was always told to hold on tight
A girl who feels that she has nobody to depend on or lean on.
No mommy , no daddy , no auntie , no uncle
All alone .. it feels like cold stones In a throne with no right or wrongs
But the girl just feels …desolate

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