Honoring Women (See video)

Honoring Women Video

There’s a new kind of woman whose star’s on the rise,
A woman who cares less for shape or for size;
Women who know what they want and they love,
Those whose discernment and taste rise above.

Today’s woman’s free to forge her own road,
She works independently, carries her load;
She’s soft and she’s sweet but she’s tough and she’s strong,
And she’ll never give up singing her unique song.

But as in the past, some things never change,
Some things today’s woman would never exchange;
The comforts of family, the love that’s at home,
From these, rest assured that she never will roam.

For tradition and values she’s always got time,
Harmonious living and not just the climb;
It’s balance she seeks and it’s balance she finds,
Wherever her life’s most exciting path winds.

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