I see a man

I’ll look into a mirror and tell them what I see
I see man being drained battle scars from times ago that til this day still causing him pain
He puts on a mask to keep away the same questions from being asked
I see a man who feels the need to keep everyone afloat while his own ship is sinking in hopes those people will return with help
But none can reach him because he’s too far gone
I see a man who has tasted the sweet nectar of love but each time he goes for another taste it becomes more bitter than the last until finally he’s left with the bitter taste of reality
I see man who’s heart weeps in the dark  but able to hold up a smile no matter how heavy it is or how weak he may be because that’s all he knows
I see that he’s struggling he wants to know of a place where he can run to hide from his demons that’s seek nothing but his own demise a place where his trust can be mended and his pain cared for isn’t that what we all want?
I see a man  who’s heart is freezing over from the cold hearts around him
He’s being conditioned
But you know what’s most important?
I see a man

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