Kindred Spirits Forever

Once upon a time, a girl I met,
Shared my name, and introvert’s mindset.
Music, food, and studies, our common ground,
Boys and secrets, we both tightly wound.

Side by side, we laughed and cried,
Through ups and downs, we’d always confide.
An art gallery visit, a day to remember,
Creating memories, our hearts so tender.

But now, college beckons, a new phase begins,
Will our friendship fade? Worry sneaks in.
Yet, I believe in our bond so strong,
Together we’ll conquer, no matter how long.

Through simple words and rhymes, I express,
The hope that our friendship won’t regress.
As we step into the unknown, hand in hand,
Our connection will endure, like grains of sand.

So let’s embrace the future, unafraid,
In laughter and tears, our foundation laid.
We’ll face the challenges that life sends,
And remain best friends, until the story ends.

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