Left meant

A desperate heart
Running so fast.
The sleepless nights
Remembering the past.

When tomorrow comes
I will confess my feelings
Long time has passed
Now no more waiting.

But fearful mind
Was controlling game
That always told me
Your love is lame.

The heart said, It is true love.
The mind told, It’s all bluff.
The heart said, I will take the risk.
The mind begged, don’t do that please.

Why is this night so lengthy?
Why don’t sun rise early?
Is this the stress or anxiety?
Or love as per society?

I searched her
In the classroom.
But not found her
In any room.

That day she was absent.
And I even bought her present.
Later I found she had LEFT
Now I was missing her presence.

So she had changed the school
And I was waiting like a fool.
Then mind said, “stay calm my man
I am there for you now and then.”

Slowly time had passed
Months turned into years
Now I am standing there
My wife lives where.

She was showing me
Her childhood album.
She flapped few pages
That left me stunned.

I pointed out ” who is she?
The girl sitting beside your knee.”
She told me, ” My school friend.
Who died in a road accident.”

Now I understood what LEFT meant
In my back School college days.
Now this heart is running so fast
Crying remembering the past.
© Amitra

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