Life is a Bliss and can’t be missed!

Life seemed so well,

When I was naked.

Then I was clothed with knowledge,

It turned out to a puzzle.

Easy at times, tougher the other times

But every puzzle has its say.

I was given all reasons to stumble,

Yet I yearned to live more each time,

I earned life giving it a chance.

I learned,

life is a thread of events knit together,

life is a smile that stretches with wrinkles along,

like the song which beautifies even the rebuffs,

like the phrase adapting and changing



all my errors created the harmony of living.

I acknowledged,

Life is the immortality of adoration when we live,

Life is the immortality of eminence when it leaves us.

And I say,

“Life is a bliss and can’t be missed”.

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