Man on the moon

Man on the moon

Long Island ice teas

And late night walks by the beach

Alone I wouldn’t mind

But someone I’d like by my side

The waves crashing the shore

Like the thoughts in my mind

C’mon let’s run towards the moon

But the moon is far, you say

Just like my dreams, i can’t help but add

And i know you aren’t real

Oh i wish you were though

I hope against it all

Well knowing you’re just a figment of my imagination

Don’t try to lie

I figured you all out

Only coming out when the sun goes down

A sly smile and always an apology on the lips

I know i made you up when my meds were lost under the bed

Too scared to look under

Somwhere along the line i let you take over

And honestly I’d choose you

Without a doubt

A pretty face with reassuring lies

A warm hand to hold mine

For a walk along the beach

Late at night

Downing long Island ice teas

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