More like a warrior, less like a Lover

My heart doesn’t beat
It howls like the wolves
I tried building houses in cities
I’m homesick for the Woods

My blood smells of wilderness
The wounds can’t make me cry
My glances shout of ferociousness
They fail to look me in the eye

I’m not born to belong to
Rainbows and romance
Rather I’m built to live with dark
Carry my own fire and lance

Settling with the sheep, a sin
The wolves would need me back
I’m not following the trails of shepherds
I was sent to lead the pack

I howl towards the moon
With my longing too fierce
The only way of affection i know
I’m unaware of hugs and tears

My pace in deadly cold
Synchs with each shiver
I’m more like a warrior
And less like a lover

– Samriddhi

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