For me everyday life sets up a big party,
Full of laughters everywhere,full throated and hearty,
Of jubilant cheers and refreshing smiles
And spent in a grand Queen’s style.

I am happy because I am reborn each day,
Keeping all miseries of life at bay,
Keeping people around joyful and happy,
Never ever being unhappy or snappy.

Life gives me to sing and dance,
With each new day there comes up a new chance,
To fill someone’s life with selfless love
And of an everlasting relationship thereof.

A party where I get to interact with new people
Where like a free stream I gorgeously gurgle
In gleeful shouts and create happy ripples,
Create everlasting,happy stories that are simple.

Everyday is a social gathering,
With people bantering and chattering,
Do not believe in smothering
The voices, but with love resort to pampering.

Pampering the hearts and lives I touch,
With care and delicate moves as much,
Even if there is as much as a single grudge,
I will never prejudge and their lives retouch.

Life everyday is a big celebration,
A colourful and vibrant function,
Let’s enjoy the soiree and festivities,
The happy activities of heavenly creativity.

Let us all celebrate life in jubilation,
Full of enthusiasm and exuberance,
Enjoy as if there is no tomorrow
Because an extra day from it you cannot borrow.

So just enjoy and take each day as a party,
Where everything is beautiful and arty,
Cordiality and happiness galore,
Simple joys and tears pure.

It is just this day ,today,
That is going to be your day,
So have your say and live it the way you want,
Do not let anything hamper or daunt,
Your purpose of helping,loving,smiling, loving,
Giggling,chattering, dancing ,singing,
Do whatever your heart directs you to do,
Live and love your life, before you bid adieu.


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