My late night early diagnosis

My late night early diagnosis

Is it my look?

Is it my height?

The sadness innocent boy look,
When you stare into my eyes?

The evilness that fastly builds up,
Slowly deep down inside.

How he wants to touch me.

How he wants to ravish me,
With his disgusting,
Filthy mind.

Deliver him from evil,
Because his temptation,
Is my,
Late night early diagnosis.

From my PTSD,
To my,
New STD.

This strange man that started,
My late night,
Early diagnosis.

He smiles with pleasure.

His excitement,
Leads me steady smiling,
Now with excruciating pain,
Fastly forcing me,
But now in his domain.

My late night early diagnosis,
Now takes my,
Boy innocence away.

As he raises my shirt higher,
Removing it slowly from my body.

He then lowers my pants,
Fastly down my ankles.

I feel the rushing blood,
Going all through my veins.

My late night early diagnosis,
Forever haunts me in my dreams.

Forever it keeps happening,
Atleast to me it seems.

This late night pain,
Isn’t just a dream.

But yet,
It’s only,
The beginning,
Of my early diagnosis.

So when shall I be saved?

From whatever,
This sick bastard,

Please help others,
To avoid,
This late night,
Early diagnosis. — at Salvation Army Harbor Light Mission.

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