My poem is about, We all have someone who is not just close to us, but even our soul remember the presence of that very person.
Reminiscing the one who is not a lover but your whole family.

Call it an entrance
Cause I felt some presence,
Something lit up that day
Consciously tried to slay,
Tho’ it was all smoky,
Still tried to look at it peaky,
Dream, what?
A man on a horse
Near a shore
White suit he wore
Nah! Not that anymore,
It felt like a touch
Like a spiritual slush,
He wore white
I Held my heart tight,
Light flashed up with a click
Saw him playing with a chick,
Eating yogurt to ice cream
Till receiving a call that made me scream,
Got less time with him to spend
He’s still here, i can pretend,
Used to be the ‘Hello’ whenever he called
But that eve, the bell tolled.

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