Till then I knew not a thing,
Till then I was just living alone
No dreams, no waiting, no love
If only I had all along known.

Her eyes had said it all
Her fragrance did enthrall
Was I blind to her wink?
Why did it just not sink?

The times gone by
The seasons, the sky,
All came back awhile,
Now I see in her smile.

Hazel eyes, ebony eyelash
Sparkle love, like the rash
The pout, her lips seem to say,
Dearest, do come my way.

Her fragrance spreads for a mile
Across meadows, across the Nile
To Cleopatra’s land of charms
Like the sway of it’s palms

Her hair falls like silk,
Skins pure as milk,
Behind the ear, with care,
She tucks that lock of hair.

Her standing by the door
Radiating beauty galore
Like the stars did she twinkle
This beauty, this Periwinkle.

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