Romantic rain

It was music, this subtle sound
A serenity, rhythmic joy abound
Pit a pat on the eaves t’was rain
My emotions lent free, no refrain

Tickling the fresh duranta leafs
In sync, as though the piano keys
Natures orchestra just playing out
Heaven this was, without doubt

The varied hues of blissful green
Countryside, a sight to be seen
Velvet moss on rocks, as ferns smile
Kaleidoscopic scene, mile after mile.

Romance the flavor of this season
Heart beats faster, needs no reason
Rainy days, a treat to be aware
When God is out with life giving ware.

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  1. So glad to hear your daughter is doing well again and very enrogcaued by the kindness and support you received from those around you at Haven. Thank you for sharing your experience there. Would love to hear more when you have a minute. I really want to go in 2013! Cheers to you and yours!

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