Social Media Love

In the social media love, where hearts connect, Love finds its way, even in snippings, direct.With a single swipe or tap, a spark is kindled , A digital dance of hearts, emotions so excited.
In the land of hashtag and viral trends, love blooms pixels, as the story transcends. Through screen and captions , love’s whispers do arise,
A digital harmony hearts, with no disguise.
Status updates and tweets, a language of the hearts, love expressed in emojis, a modern form of art.
Words types and shared ,in the social media, love finds expressions , leaving heart in an embrace.
Through selfies and filters, love’s glory unfolds, expression of affection, in pixels that never grow old.
The virtual kisses blown and heart sent with in a click, A world of social media love, a connection that’s quick.
But let us not forget, this is a digital affair,
Love transcends the screen, it’s not confined there. For beyond the like and comments true love does reside, In the warmth of real touch, where hearts truly entrust.
So let us celebrate social media love, but remember to cherish the moments that rise above. For in this digital world, love find a new way, To connect, to inspire and bright and glow every day.

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