The destiny

And then again,
We won’t be the same.
Because it’s not meant to be
It’s in the process, pre destined
To not be what it used to be .
We had to go through this,
Everybody does.
But still we all wish
That what if it wasn’t
What if we didn’t go cold?
Is there any answer to this ,
And even if there is
Do we want it to be answered
Or are we okay here?
Belonging nowhere .
Will we get better?
Or learn to be ,
What it was destined for us to be ?
Nothing here has a clear start
So why do we wish to have a clear end ?
It is mere our conscience ,
What we pick at that time .
Everything was always there uncertain and unexplained ,
Because it was never meant to be explained.
-Aisha Faiyaz

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  1. Poem ‘ The destiny ‘ explores the theme of uncertainty in life. That how everyone is in search of answers to certain questions.

    • This poem is a melancholic piece of art which talks about the truth of life the way it unfolds itself and leads us to destiny.

    • The tone of the poem is steadily despondent with a few stance of acceptance which depicts how the speaker is stuck in dilemma of life and the events that had happened lately.

    • Another thing to be mentioned is the confused state of mind of the speaker which can be observed from the pattern of raising questions and then expressing the urge to not raise them, a quest for closure and the very next moment describing the things to be a result of conscious descisions only

    • overall the poem represents the hardships of the battle between heart and mind, between the things you know and the things you feel, between the things you want and the things you needs concluded with a strong statement to not fight the destiny and a note of accepting things the way they are.


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