Do away with the turmoil,
Lest they totally spoil,
The crops of your labour and toil
And reduce them to soil.

This phase of despair shall pass,
So do not try to amass
Them,let them take a bypass,
See that you don’t let them surpass.

You are a solid rock,
Do not let them block,
Your way or steady walk,
For they are mere baulks.

Carry on with your decisive stride,
With your instincts acting as guides,
Do not step aside or hide,
Take pride in all that you did and tried.

You are a brave warrior,
Not a timid worrier,
You have fought weathers stormier,
Be a persistent harrier.

Think of the ones who stand by you,
Who look up to you and love you too,
For them start with zeal and ways anew,
Please before the end,do not bid adieu.

At least try to give it a fight,
With all your strength and might,
Your destination is near your sight,
Why do you worry,when you are right!

So keep fighting and move ahead,
Without any fright or dread,
With absolute clarity in your head,
Without a limp in your tread.

You will one day reconquer
And surely win everything all over,
Just be the rock solid anchor,
We request an encore,go regain your honour.

We know you will not prove us wrong,
You are a fighter strong,
You will do away with all this in a headlong,
Do us proud and bring happiness to those you belong.

Leave behind all despair and do not prolong
The fight that you have dreaded for long,
Now is the time to be headstrong,
Fight all your worries,enjoy lifelong.

We wait for you to be your normal self,
To fight and win all your wars yourself,
Regain all you lost and pride yourself,
You are a winner,prove to the world,thyself.


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