Those jealous of you,
those who say you never can..
Dogs are they,
in the form of a man !!!
They aren’t your buddies,
Evil is their trait…
The title of this poem is :
Their tail is never straight !!!
When you become happy,
they are sad from inside..
they’ll praise you in the front,
But backbites from your side…
When you walk on the water,
they’ll say you can’t swim…
they put their whole effort,
to make your voice dim…
To make you feel down,
evercharged is their battery..
Their best means for success,
is the dirty,rubbish flattery..
For little things,they are mad
as a shit is for a hog..
they think this is the world,
as the well for a frog.
You’ll say they’re big rascals,
For their destruction,you’ll wait…
Don’t think they’ll change because
Their tail is never straight !!!
Sometimes you’ll think to,
look at their good aspect.
But you’ll forget all this,
when not given respect !!!
Their words and their actions,
make your mind restless…
If you fight with those jerks,
it’ll hinder your progress…
If you look at demonic traits,
the range is very wide..
Don’t go for the revenge,
and let the God decide !!!
Be always good to them,
give them Love instead of Hate,
Be calm and just smile because,
Their tail is never straight !!!

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  1. Review for the poem: “Their tail is never straight”

    The poet claims that ”the one who is jealous of you and gives you a constant disapproval of what you can as cannot”, is merely a dog in the form of man.

    In this life, they are not meant to be your buddies cause evilness is their special trait that never leaves and so the title “Their tail is never straight”

    Your true happiness can be their deadly sorrow. Ofcourse, they can praise you infront of many but still gonna back bite you on all occasions.

    These people only know how to see the worst in all, especially with you. When you walk on water they claim that you cant swim. They put their whole effort in diminishing your voice.

    To make you feel down, they are with full ton battery of energy. This success of theirs is nothing but dirty and rubbish flattery.

    For little silly things, they get mad as shit for a long time. They think this is the world that you should belong too as same as the well for a frog should be.

    You are upset with their behaviour and call them as big rascals. And now you wait for the destruction of theirs. But keep in mind. They’ll never change cause their tail is never straight and forever be never straight.

    Since you are good, you may tend to look at their good aspect. But these people will overcross the advantage and make you forget all, with their disrespect.

    Their words and actions will never align and they’ll just make your mind go restless. Fighting with these jerks is of no use because there is nothing you can get except retained progress.

    You cant get to their bottom of demonic trait. If you do so you may get lost in their very wide range of evilness. Nah! You cant revenge them too. Let the god decide what’s best for them.

    There is one thing you can do to them. Be always good, love them instead of hating them. Just be calm & give a smile.
    Because there is nothing you can do. Just that “their tail is never straight”.


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