We plan this future together,
Because we’re faithful, me and you
A long way until the end, but I’ll always stick with you
We’re in this journey together
Because we’ve always been daring to
When times are tough, and lives been lost,
I’ll still be walking next to you

Because you’re the heart of this adventure, and the reason I still live
And all I feel is numbness within, but you’re some how able to break in

We plan this future together, Because we’re faithful me and you,
And I don’t want anyone else by my side other than you
Because we fit each other like puzzle pieces, something no one else can do
No one else I’d rather explore this life with, except for only you.

I can’t wait to see the other side,
I’ve never before felt so alive,
Can’t tell whether I must’ve died
I’m so lost with you
Deep inside this hidden paradise

We live our future together,
Because we like it, me and you
Let’s grow a lifelong adventure,
Because we’ve always been dreaming to
To explore the secrets within,
Living life to the simplest spin,
A place with only love, no sin
Like we wish it has always been

We will die in our lives together,
Because we love each other, me and you
We can be at war with each other,
Like little boys and girls will do
In our arms we fall with each other,
Greeting both at heavens door
We will spend this quest together,
Because our feelings will keep true
In the end, just like I said
I will always have a heart for you.

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