My love for you knew no bounds,

It grew in abounds,

I traveled to magical lands,

Your hands holding my hand,

Together we flew high and high,

Touching the lovely blue sky,

Traversing amidst the planets and stars,

Going away from the world, afar.

The flowers coloured  our lives,

As our hearts danced in jives, 

The butterflies carried us to lands of dreams,

Where happiness flew forever in lively streams,

The green trees,protected us from harsh sunbeams,

The pearly dew drops in the leaves did gleam,

As our palms clasped over each other,

Love gushed in setting the hearts aflutter.

The squirrels sitting beside us were friends,

Nibbling at walnuts and almonds,

They looked at us with eyes amused,

As we both in love were soused, 

The peacock reveled in all it’s feathered glory,

As we created a beautiful story,

A story loaded with pure love,

To build a new  world of love,we throve.

My face shone in a pinkish sheen,

With great care I would dress and preen,

To take me in your arms,you eagerly waited,

Our souls,in love conjugated,

Tied by solemn vows wholehearted,

Day day by our love blossomed,

Not letting anything in between, 

To come together as one,we were too keen.

To our coming together the nature was witness,

In all it’s finery and sweetness,

The starlit sky doubled as decorative lights,

In the cool twinkling, velvety night,

The spring flowers bedecked the bridal chamber,

Encompassing in a fragrant perfume and flavour,

When we embraced each other,

Mingling into one another.

Our hands clasped and heartbeats fast,

The seconds slipped,the minutes passed,

Our figures against each other entwined,

All our warm feelings  aligned,

The charged up emotions raced along,

Like a mesmerizing,melodious song,

Then we gave in to our desires,

All became one with the fires.

The night celebrated our togetherness,

As we caressed in all tenderness,

Opening up to each other,threw away all hesitation,

We reached the ultimate levels of elation,

Our affections and dedication,

Reached its culmination and consecration,

As slowly we passed into a happy slumber;

And a night forever and ever to remember.


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