And how will it feel when you almost lost your virginity
But not your first kiss
Almost lost your innocence
Yet you were just learning alphabets
When your father’s scent wasn’t comforting
And your brother’s playful hits were terrifying
Somewhere in the awful world called trauma…
The touch of love and whispers of lust became identical for her….
Inside the windows of her heart
She suffers,
Yet never let the drapes down…
Along the rhythm of tears
She smiles….
Perfectly, just like a clown…

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  1. “Inside the Windows of Her Heart” is a gut-wrenching exploration of the devastating impact of trauma on a young girl’s life. With raw emotion, the poet deals with the complexities of lost innocence and the blurred lines between love and abuse. Through her poem she exposes the resilience and strength of the protagonist, who conceals her pain behind a smile. It is a heartbreaking yet empowering testament to the unbeatable spirit of survivors. A thought-provoking and haunting piece of art

  2. This piece on trauma resonates with the writers pain and the hurt child within. Can’t even begin to explain how each verse slashing cuts on the reader. The impact of words about the writer’s trauma is a gut wrenching reminder of how the society failed to protect yet another child.

  3. Living in a world where child predators walk freely under their masks, the poem acts as a reminder, of the trauma they all have conveniently caused. The poem is a rendition of the pain, of the things not lost, but perhaps taken away from someone who faces child abuse. This gut-wrenching poem written in free verse carries a lot more power in it considering the number of abusive stories that come to light every day. A child who missed the comfort and protection from her father, in fact, a child who had to be protected from the same father and a brother who touched her inappropriately, and how these events in childhood have shaped her into an individual haunted by her traumatic past.
    The poem conveys its theme and message by weaving words together in a way that creates an opening to the trauma-ridden mind of a victim of child abuse. Poetic liberty is hard to criticize and yet I personally wish that it could’ve been a bit more longer, for the impact to nudge into the souls of the readers.

  4. It’s the biggest shocker for a teenager to lose her/his virginity for such a person who is not even serious about their life goals. But what about a small kid, who’s well apart from all these stupid activities of thale society? It’s far beyond anyone’s imagination, right? Even i think the same and the poet of this poem has expressed it in so subtle way that it will touch everyone. When everything seems to be frightening, like father’s perfume, brother’s playful hits, literally everything seems traumatising. It’s even difficult for that victim to distinguish between what is a gesture of love and whisper of lust, because she would have lost the so called ability to know about a good touch and bad touch. She suffers and suffers silently, smiles outside just to show the world that,”Even my life is perfect” but deep down it’s a hopeless soul searching for some comfort and peace of mind. The writer is perfect in its wordings and sets out the thought very precisely and nicely that would surely reach up to the readers .

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