A simple word TRUST,
As soft as SILK, as hard as CRUST.
Its every relation’s base,
It give power to face even the most horrible case.
It’s so strong that it could even destroy a mountain,
But one’s it is broken, no one can restore the same.
It’s not habit, It’s not art,
It’s like a thread which connects oneself to another’s heart.
It’s not responsibility, It’s not duty,
Its not the makeup but heart’s beauty.
Not a single minute, not a single day,
But in creating it the whole life goes away.
Its like a blessing or a boon,
One single step can break it very soon..
It make heaven or hell in life,
It always be with you like your supporter, your wife.
So take special care of those who trust you,
They only help when tensions burst you.
Be trustworthy and remember the value of trust,
Because its soft as SILK and hard as CRUST..

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