Kiran Kukreja, Author at Saavan's Posts


Sun lo bhaiya kehti hoon Man ki baat main sachhi Koi aata thal pe Koi vayu koi jal Koi chalta chaal kachhue ki Koi ude mast malang Manzil sabki ek hi bhaiya Woh manzil hai masti Maano na tum baat meri Padho santo muniyo ke chhand Sabka kehna ek hi bhaiya Vaastav mein jeevan hai Anand hi anand »

The Burning Candle

Pitch dark night A candle stands upright Slowly burning down Light and smoke around Look there no more Where did it go? It has changed garb Now in the new box So I was told By the man down the road That is a delusion There is an explanation It changed state That much is science There is more however, Than meets the sight It was a solid apparition Of the Universe in creation The Universe is still a... »

The Spirit Door

She comes More often than we know Quietly Knocking Sometimes thumping Its ways are subtle Yet these days she thumps At just those moments When you hear nothing Gentle is its door For the soft are pure Close to the door Be ready for the fall Only the arrogant Are ever upright When you fall She sweeps you up And raises you To the seamless cup of life You cannot see the temple Or the door Not even th... »


Abiding in the heart, sentiments breathe Roll and churn covered in a sheath Roiling around in raging tempests Cavorting here and about: a prank, a caper Riding on a tide out they pour Come to rest on lips hiding no more Lilting they sound when awarded expression Fragrant to the heart that receives their confession What use the words that can’t find their path? What worth the man who can’t this gra... »


Who ( and why) has this queer world wrought Can someone find me a solid ground (On which) could stand the wisps of thoughts Poor things evanescent and tremulous In dire need of comforting touch And reassurance of atleast the presence of a real GOD A captivating and vibrant tableau masterfully hiding The secret script running, evading one and all Who is the doer ‘ i ‘ or the ‘ I ‘,there is no knowi... »