The Burning Candle

Pitch dark night
A candle stands upright
Slowly burning down
Light and smoke around
Look there no more
Where did it go?

It has changed garb
Now in the new box
So I was told
By the man down the road
That is a delusion
There is an explanation

It changed state
That much is science
There is more however,
Than meets the sight
It was a solid apparition
Of the Universe in creation

The Universe is still around
Only the image not to be found
Everything is a unique one-time event
Yet fused with the eternal moment
Moment goes on moment to moment
Accumulations of causes ever present

The dance of life goes on
Causes and effects on and on
To what can one latch on?
Fulfil your purpose, move on
To your purpose be true
And that purpose is ‘You’

‘You’ :The true-honest-to-goodness you
What the sage called ‘Mystic’ or ‘Myo’
Favourable causes—favourable results
Is your best chance
Greater the goodness in the Universe,
Greater the  possibility of happiness
In both the living and the eluding
Such are ‘Well Gone’

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