Who ( and why) has this queer world wrought
Can someone find me a solid ground
(On which) could stand the wisps of thoughts
Poor things evanescent and tremulous
In dire need of comforting touch
And reassurance of atleast the presence of a real GOD

A captivating and vibrant tableau masterfully hiding
The secret script running, evading one and all
Who is the doer ‘ i ‘ or the ‘ I ‘,there is no knowing
Yet the Act is real
So real, the sense of uncertainty truly galls

The hapless, innocent thing just fell down
Look here! what ignorance has laid to waste
A beautiful promise of flowering withered
The pain is palpable
I can feel it—its wake , its trail—it’s left a bad taste

Now with the rising Sun my spirit soars
In the twilight, a serene fullness fills my being
With the moon I hear a soothing lilt
What peace!
Gentle quietude suffuses the night with its subtle ring

I did not bring this about—no I didn’t
But who else did , I am hard pressed to find
The doer moves silently
Through me
It flows out into the world fulfilling the will divine

Rise to the occasion with all your heart
Answer the call—when will you if not now
This is your time here
To fulfil the dream
Of Life that became you, though you know not how

Meet every moment with faith total
Fill every gift of joy with happiness complete
Like the soul of a musician
Fusing with the organ
In an ecstatic explosion of the Cosmic feat

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