Am I bothering you?
Is it from you a cue!
Am I being bothered?
Or with our lives altered,
Are not we both bothered!
Both of us angered ,
At the predicament,
Both of us innocent,
Trying to tread together,
In a bid to make it all better,
With mismatched steps,
And a relationship complex.

Timing and teaming it up with happiness,
But with an ill timed togetherness,
We tripped and fell,
Knowing our mistakes well,
Still the egos swell,
As we drew into our own shells,
The distances, increasing,
The love once there,was ceasing,
My charms no longer appealed,
Your masculinity no longer pleased,
My eyes no longer waited eagerly
For your footsteps,approaching speedily.

Your fingers no more lingered in my hair,
Nor was a trace of romance in your eyes appear,
Neither did you now ever declare,
Your love,for me,that would last forever,
Nothing was,as it was before,
Added were,pains more,
It is an ordeal,following you here and there,
Waiting for you,hopelessly with open doors,
While the days pass by,
The fountain of our love dries,
Blaming each other ,
Limping,we try to move further.

Uselessly we try to cover,
Our miserable failures,
In retaining our relationship,
Sadly we have lost complete grip
We struggle and slip,
With a moan on my lips,
For you have forgotten all you commited,
But you want me dedicated
To you forever in life,
In joys and in strife,
We are to each other,
Like any two strangers.

Walking the road together.
In the bad weather,
Do not you think it is better,
Before we both wilt and wither,
To leave the loose threads,
Of our relationship and head,
Towards our own directions,
Severe all connections,
Not answering any more questions,
Nor causing more botherations,
Set out on our own ways,
We,ourselves deciding about our future days.

As we go in separate directions,
Let us try some silent introspection,
Know the causes,that took away our affection,
The reasons of our harming actions,
Was it our search for perfection?
Or was it wrong choice and selection?
I knew I was imperfect,
Wanted you to protect,
I knew not your intentions
And letting all this happen,
Saying that because of me,my ways you were bothered,
I wonder,as I walk away with questions,unanswered.


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