Daughters are similar to angel of heaven
They sparkle their parents’ life as like star of sky
They never demand anything from their parents
They always be happy with their life and with parents
They always beloved by their fathers mostly
Daughters are angel of their home
They make life their parents as like prideful
They lighted the whole house with their sweet smile
They make their parents’ house similar to heaven
They give always happiness to their parents and brothers too
Daughters are similar to birds without feathers
They always chirping as like sparrow
They want to fly as like birds in the sky
They make everyone child from their sweet voice
They become an essential part of their parents’ life
Daughters are always helpful & graceful towards their parents
They never deny or always follow their parents
They always help their mothers in home
They simplify the all problems in a happily manner
They live their life with happiness with their small wishes
Daughters are similar to son
They do all things as boy does
They compete to all boys now days
They always one step forwards from boys
They do best things for their parents
Daughters are very precious for all
They conclude the meaning of life
They teach a good lesson for everyone
They play a good role as best friends
They become a good guardian time to time

Dev Kumar

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