Heartfelt Pain

Broken wings are fixed by matured hearts
My endeavor to rise you at peak,
Kept me awake all night long!
Still my immature fierce breaks beautiful things
The waves of agony strikes me hard
Until then I’m longing for your promise
Never break this precious bead!
Keep this love alive till death…

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  1. This is a short beautiful poem but with a broad spectrum.Here the poem is asking for chance or hope to the loved one or his lover for the damaged he has done .In the first line he’s showing the gratitude to the loved one for fixing him all the time and believing him. Slowly slowly getting into the poem, poet is also talking about his aggression ,in the rage, he can destroy anything close to him but it’s not showing the negative character of him, he’s also telling the suffering which he is going through all inside him.He wants his lover to reach the highest in life but until then he desperately wants his lover to stick to him and hoping for forever.

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