The Sage and the Bird

In wisdom’s domain, where eras tread,
A sage, with gazes both transparent and wise,
Found solace in his humble shed,
Descending the boundless, loose skies.

His soul, a tapestry of peace,
In peace with nature’s call,
He sought the realities that life released,
In every breeze and leaf that fall.

One day, a bird of vibrant hue,
With feathers soaked in sandy glow,
Alighted near the sage, anew,
To share a tale few mortals know.

The bird sang hymns divine,
Its voice, a gift from distant lands,
Captivating echoes entwine,
As though the paradises joined its gangs.

It spoke of domains beyond our clasp,
Of mysteries whispered by the stars,
Of love’s infinite, endless grasp,
And ambitions that glide beyond the bars.

The sage, in awe, absorbed each word,
His soul soaring with delight,
His spirit, with newfound marvel, stirred,
Embraced the bird’s ethereal flight.

They danced upon the currents of time,
Unveiling truths both deep and rare,
Swoop in harmony’s precious chime,
Their souls entwined, beyond compare.

The sage, now wiser than before,
And bird, with hymn untamed,
Explored the domains forevermore,
Through skies of wisdom, they remained.

Thus, the sage and bird entwined,
In tales of magnificence, devotion, and lore,
Their bond, a symbol of the mind,
And the mysteries they both adore.

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