How to Make name in the World of Poetry

There are many things you can try to make name in the world of poetry. We are listing important of them.

  • Create a blog: To create a blog does not cost money and save much time. At the same time, it reaches a mass reader. You can try ‘Google’s Blogger’ or ‘Wordpress’.
  • Create a Saavan account: ‘Saavan’ is the place of poetry. You can easily share your poems. Added, you would get some great pieces of inspirational and motivational writings there. It is like a social media meant only for poets.
  • Active on Social Media: Social media like Facebook and Twitter are great stages to present your pieces. Thing is that they can reach you to the largest ever reading group. But if you really want applauds and appreciations for your work, you must follow people related to literature. Tip: Avoid Whatsapp and other IMs, they have a greater risk of plagiarism.
  • Most Important Thing: You must accept the truth that not everyone likes poetry, make sure your friend circle and people you meet very often are literature lovers, who would, for sure, appreciate your works.
  • Even More Important than no. 4: If you write good and you write from heart and you write very often, we guarantee you that one day you would be known for your poems. If you are new to this amazing world make sure you are not discouraged by those no-tagged persons in your initial journey.

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